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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Vessel Name: Tyrone

Vessel Owner: Rayford Chew

Captain and Crew Names: Rayford Chew, Carolyn Corbin

Vessel Designer and Make: Sam Crocker

Vessel Model & Type: Schooner

Year Built: 1939

LOA: 73'

Beam: 15'

Draft: 9.5'

Tyrone is Sam Crocker’s design #202 launched 1939 at the Simms Brothers boatyard in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Tyrone was commissioned by A.C. Tener of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tener wanted a rugged boat capable of crossing oceans yet able to be handled by himself, a hired captain and cook.

Tyrone is heavily built for her size with 1 5/8” mahogany planks bronze screwed to 5” double sawn oak frames on 16” centers. Her original mechanical compliment included a Lathrop Mystic 125 gas engine and a 3 Kilowatt two cylinder generator to run her refrigerator and other gear.

Tyrone was owned by Tener until roughly the mid-late 1960s. At which point she was purchased from the Tener estate by Carl and Susan Chase who raised a newborn daughter living aboard through Maine winters and setting off on an around the Atlantic voyage. After the Chase family another family purchased her and did much the same trip around the Atlantic. She was then owned by Townsend Thorndike and renamed William H Thorndike. Under his ownership she made a trip through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific spending significant time in San Francisco and making rounds to Alaska and Hawaii before returning to Maine. She was then owned by Matthew Sutphin who kept the boat on Cape Cod. Though she has travelled considerably abroad, much of her time has been spent in Boothbay Harbor, ME and New England. We are happy to give her a homecoming again calling Boothbay Harbor her homeport.

We now offer overnight sail training trips for kids and adults aboard Tyrone from the Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor partnering primarily with local schools and nonprofits to get kids on the water.

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