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Vessel Name: Lion's Whelp

Vessel Owner: Phineas Sprague

Captain and Crew Names:

Vessel Designer and Make: John Alden Co.

Vessel Model & Type: Schooner

Year Built: 2003 (rebuild)

LOA: 64' 9"

Beam: 15' 8"

Draft: 8' 6"

Prior to buying the boat, Phineas had done a circumnavigation on a similar schooner and was inspired to build a boat that had similar capabilities. After many years of searching he found an uncompleted Alden hull in California which he then purchased and brought to his boat yard (Portland Yacht Services) to be completed. Phineas also shared with us that the name of his boat honors the boat that brought his family to America in 1629 and that Lion’s Whelp was conceived as a world cruising boat with the mission to keep future generations sailing. He said that it is not unusual to see four generations of sailors on board.

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