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NY 40 Marilee is looking forward to returning to the BHYC Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge in 2023 for the first time with her gaff rig. Marilee won the Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge in 2021 with her marconi rig.
Marilee has the unique ability for a yacht to sail with one of two vastly different rigs – the original gaff sail plan (1916 era design) or a marconi rig plan (1920s era and later design)– both of which were designed for her by Nathanael Herreshoff, often considered the greatest naval architect of all time.
Marilee is only one of 4 NY 40s sailing today. The number 40 in her class denotes the length of her water line. The NY 40s were the third of the One Designs yachts the New York Yacht Club organized for its members to race against each other. The first 12 NY40s were launched in 1916 and with 2 more (including Marilee) launched in 1926. All were built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company of Bristol, RI. While built as One Designs, the NY 40s were designed under the Universal Rule, a rating rule developed by Nat Herreshoff for the America’s Cups but more universally used to handicap racing yachts of in the early 20th Century.
The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (1878–1945) was most notable for producing sailing yachts, including eight America's Cup defenders, as well as steam-powered vessels. Nat’s greatest feat was designing yachts that successfully defended the America’s Cup six times.
For more information on Marilee’s adaption under her prior owner to allow her to sail with a newly designed marconi rig, see the Alison Langley Video, Two Boats in One ( )
Marilee’s extensive restoration under her former owner was undertaken from 2014 to 2016 by French & Webb ( ) in Belfast, Maine. The project manager for the owner was Dennis Gunderson, currently with Bristol Marine here in Boothbay Harbor.
Marilee is owned by local Southport couple Ken and Ginny Colburn.

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